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ZAO SEPARATOR is a credible business partner with big experience of producing and sale of centrifugal liquid separators. The facility produced by our separators’ factory is the equipment of a new generation that is easy-to-use, less metal-intensive, automatically equipped and does not require maintenance operations standstills.

Our separators leave behind equivalent equipment of other manufacturers according to the criteria of quality, efficiency, wearing resistance, operating convenience and speed.

Throughout its existing period ZAO Separator has been cooperating and representing official partnership with the largest dairy plants all over Russia. As also the separators of our production are in use in many communal farms as well as in state and private households.

We suggest manufacturing separators with significant discounts and flexible payment system. According to your demands and wishes our technical specialists will perform installation as well as start-up and adjustment works for the separators purchased. The company follows maintenance service, reconditioning and competent advising by our specialists.

Due to highly professional team, a special focus on quality control management, nonstop enhancement of technological procedures and equipment upgrade the factory takes up leadership role in production of centrifugal separators and extends its export capacity.

The separators of our production are in operation in more than 10 countries. Our manufacture continuously develops for the purposes of search for new solutions for evolving quality, prime cost reduction and increasing the stock line produced.

Company ZAO SEPARATOR proposes for its customers:

  • Wide range of equipment for effective business operation
  • High grade quality of the equipment supplied compliant with world's standards
  • Professional service maintenance
  • Staff training

Among output products there are specific industrial separators of various model types, those of:

  • Milk-purifier - for cold and warm milk cleansing;
  • Cream separator - for splitting-off cream and milk;
  • Bactofugation - for permanent separation consorms from milk;
  • Separators for cleansing caseous and cheese whey;
  • Separators for lipid-rich cream;
  • Lardaceous separators - for vegetable and animal oil;
  • Separators for refining wine, juice, beer.